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Crossbow Accessories that help you Effectively Hunt Deer

The most exciting part of hunting is hunting big game like deer with your crossbow. It would be best if you had a good, modern and, fast crossbow to hunt deer effectively. To improve your chances of hitting your big-game target, high quality and appropriate crossbow accessories will make a significant and positive difference.

They improve your chances of hitting your target to a great extent, it is really kind of archery basics 101. These accessories help you improve your accuracy, comfort and, safety. These accessories come as a package with your crossbow, or you can enhance your package by choosing up to date accessories to give you an enjoyable, successful and, productive hunting season.

1. Scope:

If you want to get a quick and clean kill, using an advanced scope is an essential accessory. Crossbow scopes are critical if you want to hit your target with precision. Some crossbows come fitted with a scope, a fiber-optic sight, a red dot sight or, laser light and some don’t come with this critical accessory. Some crossbow scopes work for you and some may not, and you may want a better scope to suit your unique needs. Using a precision scope makes shooting deer from a long-range easy. It serves the same purpose as precision scopes mounted on rifles. Crossbow scopes come with a red dot or optical scope. Once you learn to adjust your scope correctly, you can choose among the many types of scopes to find the best one for your needs. There are different types of scopes that you can use, including a single red dot, a tripe red dot, a single reticle, and multiple reticle scope and, a laser light.

2. Bolt:

If you want comfort and confidence in hitting your target while shooting deer, you need to select the correct bolt for your crossbow. A proper bolt will ensure that you get good momentum and accuracy while aiming at your target. It would help if you chose a bolt according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer of your crossbow. If you do not use the correct bolt, you could damage your expensive crossbow and injure yourself. Use bolts made of carbon if you plan to shoot deer because they are stronger and durable. Use bolts of a weight specified by the manufacturer.

3. Cocking Device:

A cocking device as the name suggests helps you cock your crossbow. It comes in the form of a small winch that you can operate by hand. You wind a small crank handle on the device and cock your crossbow. Some power crossbows come with a cocking device as part of the package. Cocking devices are useful tools, even for shooters with disabilities and make crossbow shooting effortless. If you choose to use a manual cocking device, you must know that it needs physical strength. To use a crossbow without effort, you can consider using a rope cocking device. A rope cocking device is inexpensive and easier to use than a manual cocking device. Rope cocking devices also increase accuracy.

4. Case:

Crossbow cases are must-have accessories not only to shoot deer but to use a crossbow in general. A modern crossbow has many sensitive optics that easily lose their shape. Placing a crossbow in a good quality case will help protect the crossbow so that when you reach the wild, it will be in top condition. Most good quality crossbow cases give soft-sided protection for crossbows. It would help if you looked for a case with plenty of room to fit your crossbow and all the necessary accessories. A good case should have a tough nylon shell, padding to protect components of your crossbow, a heavy-duty 330-degree zipper for easy access to the contents of the case and, comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps.

5. Broadheads:

To kill effortlessly, you need broadheads and field points. The level of penetration will be better if you use broadheads. According to Death by Bunge on YouTube,, killing deer effortlessly requires good-quality broadheads. Broadheads come as fixed broadheads and mechanical broadheads. If your arrow is a fast one, a mechanical broadhead is a better option for effortless shooting. Fixed broadheads are rigid while mechanical broadheads have blades that are deployed when the arrow is in flight. They are more lethal against deer than a fixed broadhead. This is because the blades swing into action and push the arrow faster. The streamlined design of mechanical broadheads helps them fly better to hit the target effectively.

6. Target:

Practice makes perfect when you plan to shoot deer with a crossbow. Your best accessory for practice is a target. New-age targets are hi-tech targets. There are 3D competition targets, bag targets, layered foam block targets and, 3D practice targets. These targets come in a range of sizes, shapes, positions and, proportions. These targets can be set up to withstand arrows shot by many archers. 3D competition targets come with scoring rings. These rings offer scores using either the ASA or IBO methods. If you are looking for a cheap, lightweight yet, durable target, you should consider using a layered foam block target. If you are looking for a target from which you can remove arrows easily, a bag target comes filled with fiber that stops high-speed arrows and allows their easy removal. Some targets are shaped like deer to help you optimize your practice sessions.

High-quality crossbow accessories take the stress out of deer hunting. They make deer hunting with a crossbow a stress-free, enjoyable and, effortless experience. Most crossbow companies make accessories to suit the crossbow. You can also get accessories that can be fitted on any crossbow. Crossbow hunters know that their crossbow is not only a tool but an investment. A good quality crossbow helps them not only improve their expertise in a sport they enjoy but reduce the effort required while hunting deer. High quality, comfortable and efficient crossbow accessories will help to make the entire experience of shooting deer with a crossbow a worthwhile one.

Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting Gear List

When it comes to bowhunting gear, it seems there are two type of articles you can find on the internet:

  • 1. Essential equipment that help you conceal yourself from deer detectionIe, these type of articles go on in detail about spraying yourself with anti-human-smell sprays, taking rests getting to your hunting area to avoid a build-up of perspiration, keeping your hunting clothes in a plastic bag and changing in a tree-stand or blind.
  • 2. What to bring along on the hunt to keep you comfortable, safe and happyIe, articles about appropriate hunting gear and equipment to make everything hunky-dory on a hunt.

So a spoiler alert upfront, this will be the latter type of article, because we assume as a beginning bowhunter, you will tag along with experienced bowhunters who will clue you in on other essentials.

There are lots of places to get information about different types of gear that you need. Sometimes it seems like people are just trying to sell you something that you don’t need, although there is a lot of really great gear out there that can make a difference in your life.

Sorting them out, here is what we consider the most important:

  • 1. A WhistleThere are many reasons to have a whistle. You fell out of a tree stand for example, or you’ve taken a tumble on a steep trail and broken your leg.A whistle will cost you way under $10 and msy save your life. Buy a metal one with a lanyard around your neck.
  • 2. Hunting bootsIf you are a serious hunter, go ahead and spend $150 a pair for the best waterproof, insulated, breathable, traction boots you can find. If your less serious, buy a pair for $50 bucks.Just remember to wear wool socks while trying them on, and be sure you break them in before hunting.
  • 3. A good inner layersThe number one rule is to avoid cotton. Instead, buy merino wool, or if you are allergic to wool, a synthetic that will wick moisture away from your body.
  • 4. Hunting clothesYou want to compliment the inner layer with a quality, rainproof, scratch-resistant outer layer, and depending upon the level of cold, an insulating layer.
  • 5. A good knifeYou don’t need a Crocodile Dundee bowie knife with a 10-inch blade, but you’ll need to know how to dress a deer you shoot.This is why we recommend you check out this YouTube Video, From Hunt to Harvest to see how it’s done.

Not rocket science

Bowhunting is not rocket science but it does take a certain level of preparedness.

Wear layered clothing that you can adjust with the weather, and be sure your arms and legs are protected.

Above all, be safe. Perhaps carry a flashlight and an extra pair of batteries, but a good whistle is an absolutely essential piece of equipment.

Deer Hunting

Best Gear for Cold Weather Hunting

If you are a serious hunter and not just “Ill hunt when the weather is great,” hunter, then you will need some cold weather hunting gear.

The more you can stay out in the woods and be comfortable, the better chance you have of getting a deer or other game.

However, the plain fact is, most people seriously underestimate the effect of the cold on their body, and try to tough it out with ordinary gear.

Here are some serious things to consider.

Your boots

Although it’s a bit commercial, Hunting Gear list of essential cold-weather gear starts with boots, as do dozens of other cold-weather gear articles.

When your feet are cold, your entire body gets cold, you need a great pair of insulated hunting boots. Plan on spending more on your boots that any other piece of cold-weather gear.

The good news, however, is that a great pair of insulated hunting boots, coupled with a pair of wool socks, will last you for several years.

A cold-weather hat with flaps

Next to your toes, your ears are among the areas of your body that gets the coldest.
Frozen ears from blowing wind will make you feel absolutely miserable.

Some people prefer a full face mask, aka, a spiderman mask, but whichever you choose, don’t leave home without it.

Quality gloves

Whether they are made of merino wool and latex or leather, whether you choose to purchase mittens (assuming you can take them off quickly enough to shoot at impending prey) you need to keep your fingers warm.

Toes, ears and fingers, these are the key body parts to protect first.

An inner insulating layer

Next, you need an inner insulating layer, such as protective long johns. Here, the number one message is to avoid cotton. Cotton gets wet, keeps in moisture, and doesn’t protect you from the cold. This inner layer keeps your body heat in.

Next you’ll want to have a protective outer shell

Here we’re talking about materials such as Goretex jackets, or entire coverall ensembles. You want warmth and insulation, yet freedom enough to move.

Don’t buy these items online. You don’t really know how well they move. At the store, bring along your bow, or if you are a rifle hunter, a piece of broom handle about the size of your rifle and practice “shooting” in the store.

You may find out that the outfit is just too bulky or padded that while it might protect you from the cold, you can’t hunt with it.

Consult YouTube

YouTube isn’t just about cute cat videos, there are very many practical videos on the platform. One of the best on cold weather hunting gear is found at Cold Weather Hunting Gear .

The video, around 14 minutes long, is very thorough and will give you a better idea of what to consider for your next cold-weather hunting trip.


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