Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting Gear List

When it comes to bowhunting gear, it seems there are two type of articles you can find on the internet:

  • 1. Essential equipment that help you conceal yourself from deer detectionIe, these type of articles go on in detail about spraying yourself with anti-human-smell sprays, taking rests getting to your hunting area to avoid a build-up of perspiration, keeping your hunting clothes in a plastic bag and changing in a tree-stand or blind.
  • 2. What to bring along on the hunt to keep you comfortable, safe and happyIe, articles about appropriate hunting gear and equipment to make everything hunky-dory on a hunt.

So a spoiler alert upfront, this will be the latter type of article, because we assume as a beginning bowhunter, you will tag along with experienced bowhunters who will clue you in on other essentials.

There are lots of places to get information about different types of gear that you need. Sometimes it seems like people are just trying to sell you something that you don’t need, although there is a lot of really great gear out there that can make a difference in your life.

Sorting them out, here is what we consider the most important:

  • 1. A WhistleThere are many reasons to have a whistle. You fell out of a tree stand for example, or you’ve taken a tumble on a steep trail and broken your leg.A whistle will cost you way under $10 and msy save your life. Buy a metal one with a lanyard around your neck.
  • 2. Hunting bootsIf you are a serious hunter, go ahead and spend $150 a pair for the best waterproof, insulated, breathable, traction boots you can find. If your less serious, buy a pair for $50 bucks.Just remember to wear wool socks while trying them on, and be sure you break them in before hunting.
  • 3. A good inner layersThe number one rule is to avoid cotton. Instead, buy merino wool, or if you are allergic to wool, a synthetic that will wick moisture away from your body.
  • 4. Hunting clothesYou want to compliment the inner layer with a quality, rainproof, scratch-resistant outer layer, and depending upon the level of cold, an insulating layer.
  • 5. A good knifeYou don’t need a Crocodile Dundee bowie knife with a 10-inch blade, but you’ll need to know how to dress a deer you shoot.This is why we recommend you check out this YouTube Video, From Hunt to Harvest to see how it’s done.

Not rocket science

Bowhunting is not rocket science but it does take a certain level of preparedness.

Wear layered clothing that you can adjust with the weather, and be sure your arms and legs are protected.

Above all, be safe. Perhaps carry a flashlight and an extra pair of batteries, but a good whistle is an absolutely essential piece of equipment.