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Best Gear for Cold Weather Hunting

If you are a serious hunter and not just “Ill hunt when the weather is great,” hunter, then you will need some cold weather hunting gear.

The more you can stay out in the woods and be comfortable, the better chance you have of getting a deer or other game.

However, the plain fact is, most people seriously underestimate the effect of the cold on their body, and try to tough it out with ordinary gear.

Here are some serious things to consider.

Your boots

Although it’s a bit commercial, Hunting Gear list of essential cold-weather gear starts with boots, as do dozens of other cold-weather gear articles.

When your feet are cold, your entire body gets cold, you need a great pair of insulated hunting boots. Plan on spending more on your boots that any other piece of cold-weather gear.

The good news, however, is that a great pair of insulated hunting boots, coupled with a pair of wool socks, will last you for several years.

A cold-weather hat with flaps

Next to your toes, your ears are among the areas of your body that gets the coldest.
Frozen ears from blowing wind will make you feel absolutely miserable.

Some people prefer a full face mask, aka, a spiderman mask, but whichever you choose, don’t leave home without it.

Quality gloves

Whether they are made of merino wool and latex or leather, whether you choose to purchase mittens (assuming you can take them off quickly enough to shoot at impending prey) you need to keep your fingers warm.

Toes, ears and fingers, these are the key body parts to protect first.

An inner insulating layer

Next, you need an inner insulating layer, such as protective long johns. Here, the number one message is to avoid cotton. Cotton gets wet, keeps in moisture, and doesn’t protect you from the cold. This inner layer keeps your body heat in.

Next you’ll want to have a protective outer shell

Here we’re talking about materials such as Goretex jackets, or entire coverall ensembles. You want warmth and insulation, yet freedom enough to move.

Don’t buy these items online. You don’t really know how well they move. At the store, bring along your bow, or if you are a rifle hunter, a piece of broom handle about the size of your rifle and practice “shooting” in the store.

You may find out that the outfit is just too bulky or padded that while it might protect you from the cold, you can’t hunt with it.

Consult YouTube

YouTube isn’t just about cute cat videos, there are very many practical videos on the platform. One of the best on cold weather hunting gear is found at Cold Weather Hunting Gear .

The video, around 14 minutes long, is very thorough and will give you a better idea of what to consider for your next cold-weather hunting trip.